The Mazie Foundation

“To assist women and children in developing self-esteem and independence to rebuild their lives after abuse.”

The Mazie Foundation works with trusted allies to direct women to the resources they need for strength and support. We help women gain a solid footing by fulfilling the most basic human needs, and encourage their lasting growth through continued assistance. We believe that with a strong foundation, any woman can build a new life of promise and purpose for herself and her children.

To understand how the Mazie Foundation addresses the unique, but connected needs every woman has, please explore the sections below.

Basic Needs

Leaving an abusive environment can sometimes mean taking a step toward an uncertain future. The Mazie Foundation recognizes and understands the fundamental needs women may have at the start of rebuilding their lives. We strive to fulfill these needs by directing women and their children to places where they can find clothing, food and shelter.


A woman may leave an abusive environment several times before leaving permanently. Finding a safe and supportive atmosphere can make a huge difference to these women. The Mazie Foundation is committed to ensuring that every attempt to rebuild a life is a successful one. Whether it is through proper law enforcement or through the protection of a shelter, we help find women and children the security to leave without fear of danger.

Loving & Belonging

No one should have to face adversity alone. By partnering with other organizations, the Mazie Foundation exists as part of a strong and loving community of various resources. With mentoring and support groups, women can reach out to one other, knowing that in any circumstance they are never alone. Belonging to a strong network of friends and advocates gives women the lasting encouragement to heal, learn, and grow.


Rebuilding a life after abuse is a continuous journey. By directing women and children to the resources they need, the Mazie Foundation strives to help women gain a solid footing to eventually walk on their own. We aim to help women see and develop their skills and self-esteem to establish a life of independence.


The Mazie Foundation encourages women to consistently improve their lives and achieve their dreams. Knowing the importance of education, the foundation helps women obtain GEDs and receive scholarships for their continued education. It is our hope to help women create a strong foundation to stand on, while always reaching for the stars.